For the love of rock-Volume I, Issue 2 – (Free me)

Name of song- Free me

Band- Uriah Heep

Album- Innocent Victim

Writer- Ken Hensley

Release year- 1977

Chart records- New Zealand Chart Records-1 (1978)

Similar artists- Deep Purple, Whitesnake, UFO, Wishbone Ash, Rainbow

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Free me

Reviewer- Bikash Shrestha

“Free me” is one of the most successful songs of the British heavy metal Band-Uriah Heep (A fictional character from Charles Dickens novel-David Copperfield). Uriah Heep is represented as one of the pioneers of British heavy metal scene of the seventies. Although a heavy metal band, Uriah Heep’s “Free me” does not represent a typical heavy metal song. However, it’s free flowing smooth melody with a tinge of rock optimizes with all the rockers, whether hard or soft.

The song was included in Uriah Heep’s 11th studio album “Innocent victim” in 1977. The album was second with John Lewton, replacement of David Byron as vocalist. Written and composed by Ken Hensley, “Free me” is no doubt the catchiest number in the album, and perhaps the most successful too.

The song opens with a melodious electric pick lead and acoustic rhythm and John Lawton’s strong vocal drives the song into frenzy. The song has a nice combination of acoustic and electric guitar and perfect harmony of backing vocals. The short but sweet lead guitar of Mick Box lifts the song into a different height. The listener friendly easy lyrics is another striking part of the song. Barely 3 and a half minute long, the song has all the essentials of a typical road friendly traveler’s swinging rock ballad.

The song describes the life of a rider who has to go on his own. The journey involves love which is not able to be taken along because of individual differences. And the rider does not want to give up everything for love and determines to move ahead on his own. However, the rider wants to be free of the lover’s magical spell. The tragic story of the song is carried as a sweet memory which motivates the rider further ahead. It shows how the dark side of life may be turned into bright one with a positively charged perception. The somehow manly nature of the song blends well with the anyone who carries his/her life along.

The song had reached the number one position in New Zealand, and helped make the “Innocent Victim” most successful Uriah Heep album in Germany till date.

No doubt, one of the most well-known songs of British heavy metal band Uriah Heep, “Free me” definitely deserves a prime spot in a rocker’s collection and would remain in the attics of the rocker’s memories forever.

Happy listening!!

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