Vol VI, Issue 05 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 5 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)


Name of song– Walk like a man

Band – Grand Funk Railroad

Writers– Don Brewer & Mark Farner

Release year– 1973

Album – We’re An American Band

Peak chart positions

# 16 – Canada

# 19 – Billboard Hot 100

Walk like a man

 “Grand Funk Railroad”- A seventies hard rock band started as a power trio with Mark Farner (Vocals, guitars, keyboards), Don Brewer (Vocals, drums) and Mel Schacher (Bass) in 1969 in Michigan USA. Deriving their name from the railway line Grand Trunk Western Railroad, they got highlighted from their early appearance in Atlanta International Pop Festival. Their legacy continued to soar during the seventies, albeit legal battles with their producer and internal conflict among the band members. By 1971, they even equalled The Beatles Shea Stadium attendance record with tickets being sold out in 72 hours! With numerous line up changes, they continue to perform even today. Although they never received all the name and fame they deserved, they were one of the most important hard rock bands of the seventies and have been the source of inspiration for the coming generations.

“We’re An American Band” is their seventh album released in 1973. Considered one of their most successful and critically acclaimed albums, this was their first album in collaboration with Todd Rundgren as producer. Spawning two hit singles, the title track and “Walk like a man”, this album is ranked 200th in National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) Definitive 200 albums of all time.

“Walk like a man” is Grand Funk Railroad’s one of the most well known songs. A perfect mixture of rock and macho sentiments, the song represents a teenager’s wild life and journey into adulthood and old age. Typically a male rocking number with lusty lyrics, it would drive any rock fan into wild fantasy. The song is especially notable with pounding drums, Farner’s exquisitely built solo and rhythm, and Schacher’s thundering bass. To top it all, Brewer’s voice and lyrics go out of the way to captivate the listener forever. All in all, a prototype seventies hard rock number created by the men for all the men!

Although “Grand Funk Railroad” have walked all these years with numerous noteworthy numbers, “Walk like a man” is one number for which their fans would walk forever!!! Happy listening!!!

Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com

Walk like a man

Walk like a man

And talk like a man

Walk like a man, baby You can call me your man

A little girl asked me what am I gonna do

When I get old and blue and worn clear through

And I say by that time I’m gonna be in my prime

I’m gonna strut like a cock until I’m ninety-nine

I’m gonna walk like a man

And talk like a man

Walk like a man, baby

You can call me your man

Sometimes I feel it’s getting late

In life all that settling down can wait’

Til my routine days all seem the same

Right now I’ve got to get on out

I’ve gotta make my day I’m gonna walk like a man

And talk like a man Walk like a man, baby

You can call me your man Walk like a man

And talk like a man

Walk like a man, baby

You can call me your man


Lyrics link – https://genius.com/Grand-funk-railroad-walk-like-a-man-lyrics

Video link – https://youtu.be/POrsrTCBU5c

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