Vol VI, Issue 08 – Mona (01 Dec 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 8 – Hey Mona (01 Dec 2021)


Name of song– Mona (I need you baby)

Band- Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2

Album- Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2

Writer– Elias McDaniel (Bo Diddley) (1957)

Release year– 1990

Chart records–      UK Singles Chart – 2

Australian ARIA Singles Chart – 3

Belgian Singles Chart – 8

New Zealand Singles Chart – 16

Dutch Singles Chart – 26

German Singles Chart – 44

Austrian Singles Chart – 44


Mona (I need you baby)


Reviewers-Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha


“Mona” is a good example of “one hit wonder” song from Australian Band Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2. Released in 1990, this amazingly catchy rock number shot up most of the charts around the world and established itself as a prototype teenage guitar strummer number during those days.

Written by Bo Didley in 1957 in appreciation of a 45 years old exotic lady dancer in Flame Show Bar in Detroit, the original “Mona” is in sharp contrast to this version released after more than three decades later. Bo had done justice to this song with his bluesy voice and mellow guitar. Over time, the song had been covered by many artists including The Rolling Stones, but none beat this picky version of McLachlan & Check 1-2.

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Vol VI, Issue 07 – Free me (01 Oct 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 7 – Free me (01 Oct 2021)


Name of song– Free me

Band- Uriah Heep

Writer– Ken Hensley

Album-Innocent Victim

Release year– 1977

Chart records

New Zealand Chart Records-1 (1978)


Free me


“Free me” is one of the most successful songs of the British heavy metal Band-Uriah Heep(A fictional character from Charles Dickens novel-David Copperfield). Uriah Heep is represented as one of the pioneers of British heavy metal scene of the seventies. Although a heavy metal band, Uriah Heep’s”Free me” does not represent a typical heavy metal song. However, it’s free flowing smooth melody with a tinge of rock optimizes with all the rockers, whether hard or soft.

The song was included in Uriah Heep’s11th studio album “Innocent victim” in 1977. The album was second with John Lewton, replacement of David Byron as vocalist. Written and composed by Ken Hensley, “Free me” is no doubt the catchiest number in the album, and perhaps the most successful too.

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Vol VI, Issue 06 – As long as you tell him (01 Aug 2021)

For the love of rock
Vol VI, Issue 6 – As long as you tell him (01 Aug 2021)

Name of song- As long as you tell him
Band – Faces
Writers- Rod Stewart & Ron Wood
Release year- 1974 (Single)
2004 (Compilation Album)
Album – Five Guys Walk Into A Bar..

As long as you tell him

“Rod Stewart” needs no introduction to a classic rock fan-A singer, a poet, a rocker, fashion icon, glamour God-A total entertainer in all! With more than 250 million sales worldwide, he is one of the best selling music artists of all time. And the list of his hit singles could carry on forever. However, his association with the band “Faces” is another aspect which deserves an honorable mention. Starting his musical career in early sixties, he established himself successfully as a singer in “Jeff Beck Group” in 1967. In 1969, “The Small Faces” had disbanded following departure of vocalist Steve Marriott. After Stewart quitted Jeff Beck Group in 1969, he joined “The Small Faces” as singer along with Ronnie Wood. This line up with Rod Stewart (Vocals), Ronnie Wood (Guitars), Ronnie Lane (Bass), Ian Mclagan (Keyboards) and Kenney Jones (Drums) formed “Faces.”

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Vol VI, Issue 05 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 5 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)


Name of song– Walk like a man

Band – Grand Funk Railroad

Writers– Don Brewer & Mark Farner

Release year– 1973

Album – We’re An American Band

Peak chart positions

# 16 – Canada

# 19 – Billboard Hot 100

Walk like a man

 “Grand Funk Railroad”- A seventies hard rock band started as a power trio with Mark Farner (Vocals, guitars, keyboards), Don Brewer (Vocals, drums) and Mel Schacher (Bass) in 1969 in Michigan USA. Deriving their name from the railway line Grand Trunk Western Railroad, they got highlighted from their early appearance in Atlanta International Pop Festival. Their legacy continued to soar during the seventies, albeit legal battles with their producer and internal conflict among the band members. By 1971, they even equalled The Beatles Shea Stadium attendance record with tickets being sold out in 72 hours! With numerous line up changes, they continue to perform even today. Although they never received all the name and fame they deserved, they were one of the most important hard rock bands of the seventies and have been the source of inspiration for the coming generations.

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Vol VI, Issue 04 – I found love (01 Apr 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 4 – I found love (01 Apr 2021)


Name of song– I found love

Band – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Writer– Gary Duncan

Release year– 1971

Album – Quicksilver

 I found love

“Quicksilver Messenger Service” was conceived by singer/songwriter Dino Valenti in the mid sixties in San Francisco, USA. The group was completed with addition of his friends David Freiberg (Bass), Jim Murray (Vocals), John Cipollina (Guitar), Gary Duncan (Guitar) and drummer Greg Elmore. The group had numerous line up changes during their tenure and despite all the ups and downs, they are still continuing. Born in the arena of counter culture and harmonious psychedelia, they emerged as the main roots of the genre along with their contemporaries Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. Of course, they did not achieve the success of the latter ones, they do have a cult following and have contributed tremendously in shaping the genre and have been an enormous source of inspiration for the later rock bands.

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