Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha
This is our humble effort to pay tribute to rock music.
They say music never dies. The flavor keeps on changing with time. Obviously, the source is always love underneath our souls. That is perhaps the reason why humans are the only creatures in the world who are able to create music. For most of us, the most prolific years for creating music is the teenage and the young adulthood. This is the concept underlying the change in taste of popular contemporary music, which is generally followed by the teenagers and young adults. Despite the change in taste, the essence always remains the same. It moves us. It inspires us. It just follows us. Or perhaps, we follow it. If we pursue it, it is always with us, regardless of our age and circumstances.
Most of us grew up with the rock. That is why we feel it is embedded in each of us, perhaps our entire generations, and actually, generations and generations of the past and the future.
There is nothing superior or inferior. They are just different. There are numerous flowers in the world. All of them have their own specialties, and all of them are different. And of course, they don’t compete with each other. All of them grow well together. None of them is the best. None is better or worse. It’s just the perception.
In view of the changing perception of the music of different times, we want to show the specialty of rock music to the generation, who perhaps may have missed its essence. This is our sincere effort which has been generated after decades of drowning into the sea of rock. Our sole aim is to let the people cherish the essence of music which people might have been missing.
We are intending to publish one issue of ours fortnightly. Each issue shall be dedicated to a song. We shall give the basic information about the particular song, the video and lyrics link and our review of the song. We have filtered a lot in choosing a song, which is perhaps not so well known, but definitely deserves worth a listen. And we presume that all of you would definitely be able to appreciate each one of our selections. All the best guys.
We appreciate and shall be looking forward to all of yours suggestions or criticisms.
Rock you!