Vol V, Issue 3 – Pictures of Lily (01 Mar 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 3 –Pictures of Lily (01 Mar 2020)



Name of song– Pictures of Lily

Band –The Who

Writer– Pete Townshend

Release year– 1967 (Single)

Album – Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy (1971)


                                                 Pictures of Lily

“The Who”, one of the most influential rock acts of the twentieth century, were undoubtedly famous for diverse reasons- Loudest band, mods enthusiasm, great music and poetry, and of course, the prototype late sixties and seventies rock band. With sales more than 100 million records worldwide, they are definitely a source for inspiration all the rock bands of the past and the future. Originally formed from the ashes of earlier group “The Detours”, “The Who” had Pete Townshend on guitars, Roger Daltrey on vocals, John Entwistle (Bass) and Keith Moon (Drums). The powerful quartet was famous for their music, their crazy stage acts and fabulous improvisations on stage.

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