Vol I, Issue 11 – Days like these (01 Dec 2016)

For the love of rock

Vol I, Issue 11 – Days like these (01 Dec 2016)


Name of song – Days like these

Band Asia

Album Then & Now

Writer – Steve Jones

Release year – 1990

Chart records –  Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart – 2 (1990)

Billboard Hot 100 – 64 (1990)

Similar artists – Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Magnum, Toto, Cinderella

Days like these

Reviewers-Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Asia, perhaps the dream team combination from the offshoot members from various progressive rock bands of the seventies like Yes, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake And Palmer, was formed in Britain in 1981. Their debut album ‘Asia’ was smash hit all over the world in 1982, but subsequent albums could not live up to the expectations of the first one. But interestingly, despite various line-up changes, they are still surviving today.

‘Days like these’ is the number from their half studio and half greatest hits fourth album of 1990. This was the only song from the album whose song writing was credited to Steve Jones. Asia have many great songs to their credits like ‘Heat of the moment’, ‘Don’t cry’, ‘Only time will tell’, ‘Wildest dreams’, ‘Sole survivor’, etc however; ‘Days like these’ is a prototype stadium anthem rock number for which the band has always been famous for.

The song opens up with a heavy thundering sound of drums, guitars and keyboards, all taking off at once and then follows John Wetton’s manly voice. After that, the song has no return. The tempo, the built up of the song and the harmonious rock blends well till the end. Steve Lukather’s short and sweet solo is another mind-blowing masterpiece part of the song. This is the song about us all-it chants about the confidence which we require in every step of life. The struggle to carry on, the pains we suffer, the hardships we face, the challenges we handle, all make us stronger as we go on. It is a very optimistic song which instills into us the courage to carry on and never give up.

Although this song may not be the song for which Asia is best known for, it is definitely one of the best songs which exactly suits the overall theme of rock music. Definitely, this is a song which gives courage, hope and confidence in an extremely rocky manner to all of us.

Happy listening!!

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Youtube video link https://youtu.be/WnEthLeaWDQ