Vol V, Issue 5 – Ripple (01 May 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 5 – Ripple (01 May 2020)


Name of song– Ripple

Band– Grateful Dead

Writers– Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter

Release year– 1970

Album – American Beauty


 “Grateful Dead”, considered the pioneering Godfathers of jam band world, is undoubtedly more than a rock band. An eccentric band with fusion of rock, folk, country, jazz, gospel, blues, psychedelia, blue grass, they were a group known for their amazing music, amazing fanbase “Deadheads” and amazing live jams with amazing improvisations. Rightly quoted, they touched on grounds which most bands didn’t know even existed. With more than 35 million record sales to their credit, they were ranked 57th by The Rolling Stone magazine’s “Greatest Artists of All Time.”

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