Vol III, Issue 10 – Edged in blue (15 May 2018)

For the love of rock

Vol III, Issue 10 – Edged in blue (15 May 2018)


Name of song– Edged in blue

Band- Rory Gallagher

Album- Calling Card

Writer– Rory Gallagher

Release year– 1976

Similar Artists- Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green, Ten Years After

Edged in blue

Reviewers- Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Ireland has contributed a lot to the rock world. And amongst them all, Rory Gallagher is undoubtedly the finest guitarist Ireland has ever presented to the world. Sadly, his career was cut short by various illnesses and he succumbed after liver transplantation in 1995, at the age of 47 years. He has been an inspiration to many, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers to name a few and it is rumored that during his heydays, when Jimi Hendrix was asked how he felt to be the world’s greatest guitarist, he is reported to have said- “I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher.” A multi talented instrumentalist, a guitar wizard and blues rock maestro, Rory’s albums had been sold over 30 million copies despite not producing any single.

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