Vol VII, Issue 01 – Two out of three ain’t bad (01 Feb 2022)

For the love of rock

Vol VII, Issue 1 – Two out of three ain’t bad (01 Feb 2022)



Name of song– Two out of three ain’t bad

Band- Meat Loaf

Writer– Jim Steinman

Album- Bat Out of Hell

Release year– 1977

Chart records (1977-1978)

Canada RPM Top Singles – 5

New Zealand Chart Records – 9

US Cash Box Top 100 – 9

US Billboard Hot 100 – 11

Australia Charts – 11

Austria Charts – 11

Irish Singles Charts – 25

UK Singles Chart – 32


Resources– Wikipedia.org


Two out of three ain’t bad


“Meat Loaf” (Born Marvin Lee Aday) is a no stranger to the rock and metal world. With numerous hit singles and albums to his credit, Meat Loaf has always been known for his charismatically powerful wide ranging voice and vividly beautiful lyrics. With his acting career also going side by side, he is also well known for his impressive theatrical live shows. Born in 1947, the rock world just paid the last tribute to his recent death on 20 January 2022.

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Vol VI, Issue 07 – Free me (01 Oct 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 7 – Free me (01 Oct 2021)


Name of song– Free me

Band- Uriah Heep

Writer– Ken Hensley

Album-Innocent Victim

Release year– 1977

Chart records

New Zealand Chart Records-1 (1978)


Free me


“Free me” is one of the most successful songs of the British heavy metal Band-Uriah Heep(A fictional character from Charles Dickens novel-David Copperfield). Uriah Heep is represented as one of the pioneers of British heavy metal scene of the seventies. Although a heavy metal band, Uriah Heep’s”Free me” does not represent a typical heavy metal song. However, it’s free flowing smooth melody with a tinge of rock optimizes with all the rockers, whether hard or soft.

The song was included in Uriah Heep’s11th studio album “Innocent victim” in 1977. The album was second with John Lewton, replacement of David Byron as vocalist. Written and composed by Ken Hensley, “Free me” is no doubt the catchiest number in the album, and perhaps the most successful too.

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Vol VI, Issue 05 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 5 – Walk like a man (01 Jun 2021)


Name of song– Walk like a man

Band – Grand Funk Railroad

Writers– Don Brewer & Mark Farner

Release year– 1973

Album – We’re An American Band

Peak chart positions

# 16 – Canada

# 19 – Billboard Hot 100

Walk like a man

 “Grand Funk Railroad”- A seventies hard rock band started as a power trio with Mark Farner (Vocals, guitars, keyboards), Don Brewer (Vocals, drums) and Mel Schacher (Bass) in 1969 in Michigan USA. Deriving their name from the railway line Grand Trunk Western Railroad, they got highlighted from their early appearance in Atlanta International Pop Festival. Their legacy continued to soar during the seventies, albeit legal battles with their producer and internal conflict among the band members. By 1971, they even equalled The Beatles Shea Stadium attendance record with tickets being sold out in 72 hours! With numerous line up changes, they continue to perform even today. Although they never received all the name and fame they deserved, they were one of the most important hard rock bands of the seventies and have been the source of inspiration for the coming generations.

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Vol VI, Issue 03 – Dark eyed woman (01 Mar 2021)

For For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 3 – Dark eyed woman (01 Mar 2021)



Name of song– Dark eyed woman

Band – Spirit

Writers– Randy California & Jay Ferguson

Release year– 1969

Album – Clear


Dark eyed woman


“Spirit” – The late sixties band which became more famous for their lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for copying their instrumental “Taurus” in “Stairway to heaven”, actually deserve much more than that. A highly regarded rock band, with mix of jazz, folk, pop, art rock, progressive rock as well as psychedelic rock, have been an inspiration for many artists in the ensuing decades.

They have an intriguing history. Initiated in 1967 by Randy California (Guitars, vocals) and his stepfather Ed Cassidy (Drums), Randy was actually offered by then unknown Jimi Hendrix to follow him to England. However, Randy stayed back and formed “Spirit” with Mark Andes (Bass) and Jay Ferguson (Vocals, percussion). With charting albums in the late sixties and seventies, their most well known numbers include “Taurus”, “1984”, “I got a line on you”, “Fresh garbage” etc. The band continued to survive albeit with much difficulty and not so successful career. Except for their founding members, the band members kept on changing in the following decades and ultimately, the band ceased with the demise of Randy California and Ed Cassidy. However, new materials kept on surfacing till late.

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Vol V, Issue 11 – Top of the world (01 Nov 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 11 – Top of the world (01 Nov 2020)




Name of song – Top of the world

Band – Van Halen

Writers – Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Alex Van Halen

Release year – 1991

Album – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Peak chart positions

# 1 – Billboard Album Rock Tracks

# 27 – Billboard Hot 100

Top of the world

“Van Halen” – A prototype hard rock band, who shaped the entire hard rock and heavy metal scene in the late seventies and early eighties – and is credited with numerous hit singles and albums. Undoubtedly, most of the credit of their popularity goes to Eddie Van Halen who cofounded the band with his elder brother Alex Van Halen (Drums) in Pasadena, California in 1974, along with Michael Anthony (Bass) and vocalist David Lee Roth. The band’s numerous hit numbers have made them one of the best selling groups of all time. With sale more than 80 million worldwide, it is no surprise that they have the record of most multi-platinum albums by any American band. They have been ranked 7th on top 100 hard rock artists of all time by VH1. Although with repeatedly changing members, the group has been facing repeated controversies and uncertain future and with recent death of Eddie Van Halen, further uncertainty has loomed over the band at present.

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