Vol VI, Issue 08 – Mona (01 Dec 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 8 – Hey Mona (01 Dec 2021)


Name of song– Mona (I need you baby)

Band- Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2

Album- Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2

Writer– Elias McDaniel (Bo Diddley) (1957)

Release year– 1990

Chart records–      UK Singles Chart – 2

Australian ARIA Singles Chart – 3

Belgian Singles Chart – 8

New Zealand Singles Chart – 16

Dutch Singles Chart – 26

German Singles Chart – 44

Austrian Singles Chart – 44


Mona (I need you baby)


Reviewers-Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha


“Mona” is a good example of “one hit wonder” song from Australian Band Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2. Released in 1990, this amazingly catchy rock number shot up most of the charts around the world and established itself as a prototype teenage guitar strummer number during those days.

Written by Bo Didley in 1957 in appreciation of a 45 years old exotic lady dancer in Flame Show Bar in Detroit, the original “Mona” is in sharp contrast to this version released after more than three decades later. Bo had done justice to this song with his bluesy voice and mellow guitar. Over time, the song had been covered by many artists including The Rolling Stones, but none beat this picky version of McLachlan & Check 1-2.

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Vol V, Issue 11 – Top of the world (01 Nov 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 11 – Top of the world (01 Nov 2020)




Name of song – Top of the world

Band – Van Halen

Writers – Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Alex Van Halen

Release year – 1991

Album – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Peak chart positions

# 1 – Billboard Album Rock Tracks

# 27 – Billboard Hot 100

Top of the world

“Van Halen” – A prototype hard rock band, who shaped the entire hard rock and heavy metal scene in the late seventies and early eighties – and is credited with numerous hit singles and albums. Undoubtedly, most of the credit of their popularity goes to Eddie Van Halen who cofounded the band with his elder brother Alex Van Halen (Drums) in Pasadena, California in 1974, along with Michael Anthony (Bass) and vocalist David Lee Roth. The band’s numerous hit numbers have made them one of the best selling groups of all time. With sale more than 80 million worldwide, it is no surprise that they have the record of most multi-platinum albums by any American band. They have been ranked 7th on top 100 hard rock artists of all time by VH1. Although with repeatedly changing members, the group has been facing repeated controversies and uncertain future and with recent death of Eddie Van Halen, further uncertainty has loomed over the band at present.

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Vol IV, Issue 18 – Do I have to come right out and say it (15 Sept 2019)

For the love of rock

Vol IV, Issue 18 – Do I have to come right out and say it (15 Sep 2019)



Name of song– Do I have to come right out and say it

Band – Buffalo Springfield

Writer– Neil Young

Album-Buffalo Springfield

Release year– 1966

Peak chart positions

# 7 – US Billboard Hot 100

                          Do I have to come right out and say it

 “Buffalo Springfield” is undoubtedly the one and only pioneers of the folk rock, who lasted for two years only, produced three albums only but has become the source of inspiration for all the rock stars for the ensuing decades, till this date. Formed in 1966 by the veteran musicians Stephen Stills (Guitars, keyboards, vocals), Neil Young (Guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals), Richie Furay (Guitars, vocals), Dewey Martin (Drums, vocals) and Bruce Palmer (Bass) in Los Angeles, USA, this short lived American Canadian band had the most successful single “For what its’ worth”, one of the most iconic anti-war cum protest song of all times. The band had immense potential, but sadly could not last long, with all the members going to become more successful in their own ways. However, their contribution and inspiration to the future rock world can never be disregarded.

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Vol IV, Issue 14 – Warm ways (15 Jul 2019)

For the love of rock

Vol IV, Issue 14 – Warm ways (15 Jul 2019)

Name of song– Warm ways

Band – Fleetwood Mac

Writer– Christine McVie

Album- Fleetwood Mac

Release year– 1975

Warm ways 

“Fleetwood Mac” is a British-American rock band which was formed in late sixties and led to rule the seventies and the decades ahead. Fleetwood Mac was formed in London in 1967 by Peter Green (Guitars), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Jeremy Spencer (Guitars) and John McVie (Bass). They pioneered the British Blues Rock scene from their conception.

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Vol IV, Issue 11 – My cherie amour (01 Jun 2019)

For the love of rock

Vol IV, Issue 11 – My cherie amour (01 Jun 2019)


Name of song– My cherie amour

Singer – Stevie Wonder

Writer– Stevie Wonder, Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy

Album- My Cherie Amour

Release year– 1969

Peak chart positions

# 3 – US Cash Box Top 100

# 3 – US Billboard Easy Listening

# 4 – US Billboard Hot Rhythm & Blues Singles

# 4 – US Billboard Hot 100

# 4 – UK Singles Chart

# 9 – Ireland

# 14 – Canada Top Singles

# 14 – Canada Adult Contemporary

My Cherie amour

Born as Stevland Hardaway Morris, Stevie Wonder may not have been a rock star, but he is undoubtedly the king of soul and one of the most influential musicians of the century. Born premature, he became visually impaired since early infancy but he was truly a musical prodigy.

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