Vol III, Issue 5 – Marequee moon (01 Mar 2018)

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Vol III, Issue 5 – Marquee moon (01 Mar 2018)

Name of song- Marquee moon
Band- Television
Album- Marquee Moon
Writer- Tom Verlaine
Release year- 1977
Chart records
# 30 – UK Singles Chart
# 381- Rolling Stones’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Times
# 41- Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitar Songs
Similar artists- Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads


Marquee moon

Reviewers- Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Television is considered the masters of Punk Rock. Formed in New York Post Punk scene in 1973 by Tom Verlaine (Vocals/guitars), Richard Lloyd (Guitars), Billy Ficca (Drums) and Richard Hell (Bass), Television is one band which has remained so influential to the entire generations of rock music with hardly 3 albums. In their early days till 1975, they were prototype punk rock band with combination of Verlaine and Hell’s guitars. Subsequently, due to the growing tensions between the two, Hell quit and Richard Lloyd gradually became more influential in song writing as well as guitars. With addition of Fred Smith on bass, the new quartet debuted in 1977 with “Marquee Moon”. Most critics consider this to be one of the most influential debut albums of all times. This album is constantly featured in the top list of best rock guitar albums since then, even till today.

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