Vol IV, Issue 8 – You really got me (15 Apr 2019)

For the love of rock

Vol IV, Issue 8 – You really got me (15 Apr 2019)



Name of song– You really got me

Band – The Kinks

Writer– Ray Davies

Album- Kinks

Release year– 1964

Peak chart positions

# 1 – UK Official Charts

# 4 – Canadian RPM Top Singles

# 6 – Irish Singles Chart

# 7 – US Billboard Hot 100

# 39 – German chart

You really got me

 “The Kinks” is probably one of the most influential bands of the sixties who were the most notable ones among the groups during the British invasion. They had numerous hit singles in both US and UK, and they have records of selling more than 50 million records worldwide. They, of course, could not replicate the success of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Who, and perhaps could not be as large as they could have been. Formed by the brothers Ray and Dave Davies in 1964, along with Pete Quaife (Bass, vocals) and Mick Avory (Drums), they underwent various names before calling themselves “The Kinks.” The members kept on changing, with the Davies brothers being the only permanent ones and they are surviving even today after various break ups and reunions.

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