For the love of rock Volume I, Issue 8 – The ballad of Jayne (01 Oct 2016)

For the love of rock

Volume I, Issue 8 – The ballad of Jayne (01 Oct 2016)


Name of song– The ballad of Jayne

BandL.A. Guns

Album– Cocked & Loaded

Writer– Mick Cripps, Tracii Guns, Philip Lewis, Kelly Nickels, Steve Riley

 Release year– 1989

 Chart records–      Billboard Hot 100-33 (June 30, 1990)

Official Singles Chart-53 (1991)

 Similar artists– Motley Crue, Warrant, Cinderella, Ratt, Kix, Dokken, Poison, White Lion

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The ballad of Jayne

Reviewer-Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

One of the American hard rock bands of the eighties, L.A. Guns represents a typical glam metal scene of the decade. They had few hits, but they could never be ignored; neither as a band nor as the original band eventually leading to be a part of formation of Guns ‘N’ Roses! (‘Hollywood Rose’ and ‘L.A. Guns’)

Undoubtedly, L.A. Guns would always be synonymous with their most powerful monster ballad- ‘The ballad of Jayne’. Released in their one of the most successful albums ‘Cocked & Loaded’ in 1989, this monstrous power ballad is one number which proves how powerful a rock ballad can get.

Dedicated to the American all-rounder blonde bombshell of the fifties and early sixties Jayne Mansfield who dominated the Hollywood movies, Playboy magazines as well as gossip media those days, this rock ballad epitomizes a fantasy love of just another kid. (“Jayne” is not just another girl around the corner as most of the rockers would have thought of!) The song actually praises Jayne and laments her untimely demise in a car crash in Orleans in 1967 at the age of 34.

The song opens up with a melodiously catchy guitar pick, followed by Phil Lewis’s powerful voice which moves the song tenderly with few verses, complementing on a heavy bass and then second stanza moves ahead with the addition of the drums of heaven so smoothly. The ballad then rolls on placidly without any flaws. The amazing lead guitar by Tracii Guns is another divine aspect of this rock ballad. No doubt, the song represents perhaps the zenith of the monstrous power ballads of the golden era of the eighties glam metal scene.

This song is a true dedication of one’s fantasy love. The beautiful lyrics describe so intricately the passionate affection of a superstar who is no more. Yes, definitely, L.A. Guns dedicated this wonderful number to Jayne Mansfield, but the song fits in so beautifully with each one of us, with each one of our Jaynes’ in heaven.

The more you listen to it, the more passionate this number sounds. It may be the number for which L.A. Guns is best known for, but in fact, this song actually has made the concept of power ballad of the eighties glam metal known to the world even today!! A wonderful piece of gem from L.A. Guns!

Happy listening!!




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