Vol I, Issue 10 – Baby when the sun goes down (15 Nov 2016)




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Vol I, Issue 10 – Baby when the sun goes down (15 Nov 2016)


Name of song Baby when the sun goes down

Singer- Peter Green

Album- Little Dreamer

Writer Michael Green

Release year 1980

Similar artists Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, John Mayall


Baby when the sun goes down


Reviewer-Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Peter Green, undoubtedly one of the most impressive guitarists of all times, is well known for his contribution in Fleetwood Mac. Besides being a blues guitar virtuoso, he is also a prolific writer. For many, it is a surprising fact that he is the creative force behind “Fleetwood Mac”, and equally surprising is the fact that “Black magic woman” by Santana was originally his hit with Fleetwood Mac. He remained impressive in Fleetwood Mac, then as a solo artist and then in “Peter Green Splinter Group” too.

He is perhaps a prototype guitar prodigy who suffered much personal turmoil, including deep plunge into the drugs and miraculous recovery from it all. He is a legendary guitar player, who was even compared to Eric Clapton! Green did replace Clapton during the latter’s absence in “John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers”. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page have also praised him for his exceptional guitar playing ability.

“Baby when the sun goes down” is a song from Peter Green’s third solo album following his departure from Fleetwood Mac. Although Peter does have numerous songs to his credit which are better known like “Slabo day”, “The green manalishi”, “Supernatural”, “In the skies”, etc, this slow bluesy ballad is a favorite for many of his ardent fans.

The song begins with a magical guitar by Green, and soon his angelic voice takes over. Describing the loneliness in simple yet powerful lyrics, the song is a melancholy tune of a lonely lover’s confessions at night. The easy drumming beat gives this song a smooth tempo which keeps one slowly rocking forever. The backing vocals by Pam Douglas and Carol Ingram also blend in so well with Green’s voice. The amazing solo by Green in the middle of the song is wonderful and the fading solo at the end is also equally mesmerizing. Although (the song is) of blues origin, Green has given it a pop/rock touch and captivates the listener with an aura of his versatility. No doubt, “Baby when the sun goes down” would represent the zenith and ultimate reward of Green’s solo career.

Happy listening!!

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Youtube video link https://youtu.be/_VIfAtCziHU

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