Vol II, Issue 9-Born to be with you (01 June 2017)

For the love of rock- Vol II, Issue 9 – Born to be with you (01 June 2017)



Name of song- Born to be with you
Band- Dave Edmunds
Album- Subtle As A Flying Mallet
Writers- Don Robertson
Release year- 1973
Peak chart positions
# 5 – US chart hits
# 5 – UK chart hits
# 50- Billboard rank for 1972
Similar artists- Atomic Rooster, Wishbone Ash, Family, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Traffic, The Guess Who

Born to be with you

Reviewers- Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Dave Edmunds may not be a common name for most rock enthusiasts. However, he is an important figure in the rock scene with numerous hits to his credit, including “Baby I love you”, “I hear you knocking”, “Born to be with you” etc. He is a Welsh singer, guitarist and record producer. With natural inclination towards rock ‘n’ roll, he is famous for his numerous hit singles in the seventies, especially in the area of pub rock and new wave. He had formed a short lived band “Love Sculpture” with amazing guitar hit-Sabre dance, and then moved on to remake the classics in his own studio and worked solo as well as in collaboration. He did have amazing remakes of the classics and almost all of them made their mark on the charts.

“Born to be with you” is a remake of the Chordettes hit of 1956, originally written by songwriter Don Robertson. This song was # 5 on Pop Charts in 1956 for the Chordettes. Dave Edmunds hit UK top 5 with his version. He released the song as a single in 1973 and then in the album “Subtle as a Flying Mallet” in 1975.

The song starts with the typical wall of sound, hallmark of Dave’s. With his guitar plucking, the simple poem comes into play shortly. The song moves ahead with Dave’s lustrous voice fitting in suitably with the powerful ballad. With loose drum beats, and the easy plucking on, the song flows smoothly. The chorus is powerful to each listener’s ears and hardly anybody can ignore the melody. The lead part in between is also very familiar and is well suited to the entire song and the chorus.

Although Dave Edmunds has had numerous hit singles, “Born to be with you” is one song which the fans would remember him for and perhaps, the song has been born to be with all the rock fans!!!

Happy listening!!

Resources- Wikipedia.org, Allmusic.com


Born to be with you

By your side, satisfied
Through and through
Cause I was born to be with you

Do I find
Peace of mind
Yes I do
Cause I was born to be with you
All life through
Yes, I was born to be with you

Wondrously, love can see
So I knew that I was born to be with you

Yes I do
Cause I was born to be with you

Lyrics link-http://www.lyrics.com/lyric/2157669

You tube video link-https://youtu.be/fG-RrvFBMcw

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