Vol II, Issue 16 – Still in love with you (Live) (15 Sept 2017)

For the love of rock

Vol II, Issue 16 – Still in love with you (15 Sep 2017)


Name of song– Still in love with you

Band- Thin Lizzy

Album- Nightlife

Writer– Phil Lynott

Release year– 1974

Similar artists– Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep


Still in love with you

Reviewers- Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Ireland has contributed to the development of rock music immensely. And no doubt, “Thin Lizzy” is the most prominent of them all. One of the truly underrated bands of the era, they were formed by vocalist and bass player Phil Lynott and drummer Brian Downey in 1969 in Dublin. Because of their wonderful talents, they have been a source of inspiration for many rock bands of the seventies and henceforth. Star studded with pioneer guitarists like Gary Moore, Brian Robertson, Scott Gorham, John Sykes during various lineup changes, they did shine themselves with typical twin guitar sounds with Brian and Scott most prominently. Initially unsuccessful with few of their albums, their single “Whiskey in the jar” took them to stardom and thereafter, there was no looking back.

After first three unsuccessful albums, “Nightlife” propelled them into mainstream rock in 1974. This album had amazing songs and perhaps, “Still in love with you” is the most precious gem amongst them all. The song was credited to Lynott but various sources claim that it was Gary Moore who had composed it during his era with Thin Lizzy. He had not recorded it before being involved with Thin Lizzy and by the time the song had appeared on “Nightlife” album, Moore had already left. It is rumored that the new guitarist Brain Robertson stuck to Moore’s lead so much that he disagreed to change it saying that it was impossible to improve on it!!

This song has a studio version, along with the alternate version and many live versions. The original studio version is also outstanding but the live version is truly amazing. Among the various live ones, the most incredible one is “Live and Dangerous” version, which really cuts above all. The song starts with an intricately haunting guitar plucking along with towering bass by Lynott. The guitar plucking then continues with the drums joining in and then painfully manly voice of Lynott hovering in. The lyrics take us to an amazing height of ballad as well as poetry. The song is so amazingly sweet in itself that even if it were not a song, it would still have had a cult status of a remarkable poem. The delivery by Lynott is just phenomenal. His soulfully manly voice, the emotions which he has imparted on it is just out of this world. After the two stanzas, comes into play the hallmark twin guitar lead by Brian and Scott. The solo is undoubtedly very long, lasting beyond one and a half minute at least, and truly, it just does not give you any time to realize it. And after the solo ends, then Lynott again drives in with his emotional voice. The repeat solo after the last stanza is equally memorable. Lasting just beyond 2 minutes, it is similar to the first one, but definitely more intense, more melodious as well as more intricate. There were dual leads before them, The Allman Brothers, Eagles to name a few. However, the dual lead in this one is truly a masterpiece. It is just out of this world, and perhaps no other could replicate it the way Brian and Scott have presented. Overall, a superb bluesy rock ballad with so much emotion deeply ingrained!

Yes, “Thin Lizzy” had always been a truly underrated band, and for those who listen to “Still in love with you” for the first time, would have no doubt about this fact. It’s a sad story that Thin Lizzy did not last long and Phil Lynott also died young, but all the rockers shall always and still be in love with you guys forever!!!

Happy listening!!

 Resources– Wikipedia.org, Allmusic.com

 Still in love with you (Live)

I think I’ll fall to pieces
If I don’t find something else to do
This sadness, it never ceases
Oh, I’m still in love with you

And my head, it keeps on reeling
It’s got me in a crazy spin
Oh darling, darling, darling, darling, darling
Is this the end?

I’m still in love with you.

You know, some people out there are saying,

Time has its way of healing
It can dry all the tears from your eyes
Oh but darling they don’t tell you about this empty feeling
You know I can’t disguise it.
After all that we’ve been through
I try my best but it’s no use
Ooh, I’m gonna keep on loving you
Is this the end?
I’m still in love with you.

And now that it’s all over,

Woman that’s something I think you should know
And that be cos my baby,

She had  a baby by me,She might think it over
One more time before she goes

Call on me baby,If there is anything I can do for u

Call on me baby
Help me see it through
I’m still in love with you.

Lyrics link-http://www.lyricsfreak.com/t/thin+lizzy/still+in+love+with+you_20136643.html

Youtube video link-https://youtu.be/1qUt8dZaxG4

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