Vol III, Issue 9 – I love the night (01 May 2018)

For the love of rock

Vol III, Issue 9 – I love the night (01 May 2018)


Name of song– I love the night

Band- Blue Oyster Cult

Album- Spectres

Writer– Donald Bruce Roeser

Release year– 1977

Similar Artists- Uriah Heep, Thin Lizzy, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Foghat


I love the night

Reviewers- Bikash Shrestha/Nirab Kayastha

Blue Oyster Cult is an American hard rock band formed in 1967 in New York. Originally formed as Soft White Underbelly by Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) (Lead guitars, vocals), Albert Bouchard (Drums), Allen Lanier (Keyboards), Les Braunstein (Vocals) and Andrew Winters (Bass), they subsequently transformed into Blue Oyster Cult after renaming themselves several times. They have had more than 24 million record sales worldwide and are going strong even today with various line-up changes. Their most famous numbers include “(Don’t fear) The reaper”, “Godzilla”, “Burnin’ for you” etc but their contribution to heavy metal is immense and irreplaceable. They have special contribution in the development of music video culture as their music video for “Burnin’ for you” in 1981 became very famous and received numerous plays. They were also pioneers of light shows during their live performances and are probably one of the first bands to use lasers in their live shows.

“I love the night” is a soothing number taken off from their fifth studio album “Spectres” in 1977. This album had followed their platinum album “Agents of Fortune” in 1976 which had their most famous single “(Don’t fear) The reaper.” “Spectres” was not as successful as “Agents of Fortune”, however, it is considered as one of their masterpieces and substantiated their success further.

“I love the night” is one of their lesser known numbers, however, the song is a cult classic. It was written by Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) and he has made this song an absolute masterpiece with his voice as well as fantastic guitar work. It is a song about love gone awry and meeting a fantasy girl who perhaps has also suffered similar tragedy. The entire event is described during the night time and is like an imaginary night flight with an angel, or a devil woman perhaps! It starts calmly with soft drums, mellow plucking and bass. This plucking is the backbone of the song and is perfectly suited for it. Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) has one of the most soothing voice for this haunting melody. He takes us into his journey of night flight very smoothly. The main chorus of the song is also equally captivating. After the main chorus, the lead guitar comes into play. The lead guitar starts along with the vocals in the main chorus and for a short period goes entirely solo in a truly mesmerizing manner. And after the repeat of the main chorus in the end, the song fades away with the extended guitar lead going along side by side.

Yes, “Blue Oyster Cult” have had truly amazing fleet of hit numbers to their credit, and are important band in the history of rock music, whether it is heavy metal, music videos or light shows. “I love the night” is one number which showcases the band’s creativity and dexterity at the same time with some occult mystique. Once you close your eyes and drown yourself into the night, you can’t help yourself but love this song “I love the night.”

Happy listening!!


I love the night

That night her kiss told me it was over
I walked out late into the dark
The misty gloom seems to soak up my sorrow
The further I went on
I felt a spreading calm
Then suddenly my eyes were bathed in light
And the lovely lady in white was by my side
She said “like me I see you’re walking alone
Won’t you please stay?”
I couldn’t look away

She said
I love the night
The day is ok and the sun can be fun but I live
To see those rays slip away
I love the night
There’s so much that I can show and give to you
If you will welcome me tonight

If only you had been there my dear
We could have shared this together

No mortal was meant to know such wonder
One look in the mirror told me so
Come darkness I’ll see her again
Yes I’m gonna go
’cause now I know

I love the night
The day is ok and the sun can be fun but I live
To see those rays slip away

I love the night
I love the night
I love the night

Lyrics link  Http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/blue+oyster+cult/i+love+the+night_20020563.html

Resources– Wikipedia.org, Allmusic.com

Video link- https://youtu.be/ADJovCVTyA8


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