Vol V, Issue 1 – Over you (01 Jan 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 1 – Over you (01 Jan 2020)



Name of song– Over you

Band –Roxy Music

Writers– Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera

Album- Flesh + Blood

Release year– 1980

Peak chart positions

# 5 – UK Singles Chart

# 80 – Billboard Hot 100

                                  Over you

Roxy Music is a seventies band of special taste, position as well as significance. A hybrid band of seventies rock and pop, they were the inspiration for many glam rock and later new wave bands and experimental electronic bands of the eighties. Formed by Bryan Ferry (Vocals, keyboards) in 1970, the band’s original members consisted of Graham Simpson (Bass), Phil Manzanera (Guitar), Andy Mackay (Saxophone and oboe), Brian Eno (Keyboards) and Paul Thompson (Drums). Many members were changed during their tenure, as well as their direction, but they remain an influential band who shall always be remembered for their glamour, fashion extravaganza and sophisticated and polished hot pop rock numbers like “Slave to love”, More than this”, “Jealous guy”, “Love is the drug”, “Over you” etc. Spanning a career of almost half a century, albeit with so many changes, they are still active till present.

“Over you” is one of the highlights of their later years. Taken from their 1980 album “Flesh and Blood”, this seventh studio album from Roxy Music is considered as one of their most significant albums. Undoubtedly, the song “Over you” is definitely the highlight of the album. A soft rock love song of soothingly twisted guitar harmony, this song may be considered as one of the best songs out of their long career.

Starting the song with a nicely haunting intro of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, it definitely hypnotizes us once Ferry’s voice comes into play. A relatively short lyrics of love ballad, the song definitely is a masterpiece composition. Despite a short lyrics, it stretches so calmly almost three and half minutes with nice guitar, oboe, saxophone, keyboards and piano inbetween. Phil Manzanera’s guitar riff, towering bass, Andy Mackay’s saxophone and oboe and Ferry’s piano complement each other so well to make the song perfect. Soft drums by Allan Schwartzberg is another part which deserves the praise. Overall a really hypnotic pop rock love song, undoubtedly, it is a prototype Roxy Music number with all the ingredients to be a memorable song forever.

https:// youtu.be/pZ559Tjt5M0“Roxy Music” had the biggest hit of their career with the cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous guy” but for their die hard fans, “Over you” is definitely one important choice. Undoubtedly, no matter how many times you go through this masterpiece, it is guaranteed that you just can’t get over “Over you”!!!Happy listening!!! Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com


Over you
Oh baby this is nowhere
Wish I was somewhere – over you
Your sweet lips tell me there’s no chance
No more romance – over you
Oh baby how can I go on?
Crying so long – over you
Where strangers look for new love
I’m so lost in love – over you
Some day yes it might come babe
When I’ll be babe – over you
And always up to that moment
I will try to say I’m – over you

Lyrics link- https://genius.com/Roxy-music-over-you-lyrics



Video link -https:// youtu.be/pZ559Tjt5M0

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