Vol V, Issue 10 – Cadence and Cascade (01 Oct 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 9 – Cadence and cascade (01 Oct 2020)


Name of song– Cadence and Cascade

Band – King Crimson

Writers– Peter Sinfield & Robert Fripp

Release year– 1970

Album – In the Wake of Poseidon


Cadence and Cascade


When it comes to progressive rock, nobody can claim the cult status of “King Crimson.” Formed in London in 1968 from the remnants of the unsuccessful psychedelic trio “Giles, Giles & Fripp”, they had some line up changes and ultimately formed “King Crimson.” Originally consisting Robert Fripp (Guitars), Michael Giles (Drums), Greg Lake (Vocals), Ian McDonald (Flute, piano, mellotron) and Peter Sinfield (Lyrics), they were never constant with their members. With Robert Fripp being the only original member and creative force, they are still going around with different members. Despite their capabilities, they always avoided lime light and attention but have a cult following.

With their debut album “In The Court of Crimson King” in 1969, they became the most important as well as the most influential progressive rock band of the era.  Following the extraordinary success of the debut album they followed up with “In The Wake Of Poseidon” in 1970. The album cover had the color picture painted by Tammo De Jongh in 1969, called “The 12 Archetypes” or “The 12 Faces of Humankind.” The album became their highest charting album and established them as the doyens of progressive rock genre.

“Cadence and Cascade” is one of the most notable songs from the second album. The only song which is not sung by Greg Lake, this song is one of the most soothing songs by the band. Sung by Fripp’s school friend Gordon Haskell, the song describes the two groupies “Cadence” and “Cascade”, who turn out to be transvestites. The highly lyrical content, penned by Peter Sinfield and Fripp, is amazingly marvelous. The flute in between by Mel Collins is another highlight of the song. Fripp’s smooth acoustic guitar, mellotron, Keith Tippett’s soft piano, Peter Giles’ bass and Michael Giles’ drums, all conglomerate to make this creation a masterpiece. One of the most remarkable features is Haskell’s vocal, who has subtly undertaken the delicate subject so brilliantly. Overall, no wonder the song is a wonder by King Crimson.

Yes, “King Crimson” are the progressive rock band who have been influential to almost all the genres including progressive rock, metal, hard rock. With “Cadence and Cascade” they have been influential to all the listeners with their vivid imagery, mesmerizing composition and smooth delivery!

Happy listening!!! Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com


Cadence and Cascade
Cadence and Cascade
Kept a man named Jade
Cool in the shade
While his audience played

Purred, whispered “Spend us too
We only serve for you”

Sliding mystified
On the wine of the tide
Stared pale-eyed
As his veil fell aside

Sad paper courtesan
They found him just a man

Caravan Hotel
Where the sequin spell fell

Custom of the game
Cadence oiled in love
Licked his velvet gloved hand
Cascade kissed his name
Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man

Cadence and Cascade
Cadence and Cascade

Lyrics link-https://genius.com/King-crimson-cadence-and-cascade-lyrics#song-info

Video link- https://youtu.be/Bx6BTWqAVHw

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