Vol V, Issue 12 – I’d rather go blind (Live) (01 Dec 2020)

For the love of rock

Vol V, Issue 12 – I’d rather go blind (Live) (01 Dec 2020)



Name of song– I’d rather go blind

Band – Rod Stewart/Faces

Writers– Etta James, Ellington Jordan and Billy Foster

Release year– 1974

Album – Coast To Coast: Overture And Beginners


I’d rather go blind (Live)


“Rod Stewart”needs no introduction to a classic rock fan-A singer, a poet, a rocker, fashion icon, glamour God-A total entertainer in all!With more than 250 million sales worldwide, he is one of the best selling music artists of all time. And the list of his hit singles could carry on forever. However, his association with the band “Faces” is another aspect which deserves an honorable mention. Starting his musical career in early sixties, he established himself successfully as a singer in “Jeff Beck Group” in 1967. In 1969, “The Small Faces” had disbanded following departure of vocalist Steve Marriott. After Stewart quitted Jeff Beck Group in 1969, he joined “The Small Faces” as singer along with Ronnie Wood. This line up with Rod Stewart (Vocals), Ronnie Wood (Guitars), Ronnie Lane (Bass), Ian Mclagan (Keyboards) and Kenney Jones (Drums) formed “Faces.”

Faces never gained the name and fame of their contemporaries “The Who” or “The Rolling Stones.” However, their legacy of simple rock and roll lifestyle and excesses always helped shape the rock and roll for the generations ahead. Their four studio albums have always been collector’s items and most of the modern bands have been influenced by their simply irresistible songs. Their only live album “Coast To Coast: Overtures And Beginners” was their final farewell album and is considered as their weakest effort ever. However, the album did have memorable songs in unforgettably improvised live versions.

“I’d rather go blind” is one such master example from the live album. The song, originally recorded by Etta James in 1967, had been covered by many artists, including Rod Stewart for his solo album “Never A Dull Moment” in 1972. The song is considered as one of the finest love songs by Etta James, Billy Foster and Ellington Jordan. The song was written by Etta when she was breaking from heroin addiction and the pensive emotions have flown so intricately in this ballad. The beauty of this song has been explored and exhibited by many artists, all doing equal justice in their own way. However, the live version by Faces perhaps surpasses all.

The slow start of the song with Ronnie Wood’s soft guitars and Tetsu Yamauchi’s bass is followed by Rod Stewart’s evergreen beautiful raspy voice. Following steady drum by Kenney Jones, the song starts to take a slow pace. The slow ballad has been amazingly performed by Stewart, with smooth and hauntingly silent gaps. The crowd’s irregular and natural applause adds to the beauty of the song. However, the highlight of the performance is undoubtedly Wood’s extended lead solo at the end. This performance perhaps could not have been superseded by any other guitarists. The almost two minute long solo is just awfully incredible. The highs and the lows, the twists and turns, the tapping, the howling, everything about this guitar piece is just out of the world. Of course, the song has been beautifully carved out by all the Faces, but it is definitely Wood who has taken the piece of cake!

Yes, Faces may not have been a very popular classic rock bands, but they deserve a huge respect from rock fans all over the world. Although they have a good number of respectable songs to their credit, but when it comes to “I’d rather go blind”, the rock fan would rather go deaf but not savour this live number!

Happy listening!!!

Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com


            I’d rather go blind (Live)
Something told me it was over
When I saw you and him talking all night
Something deep down in my soul said, “Cry, boy”
When I saw you and him walking

I would rather, I would rather go blind, child
Than to see you walk away, walk away from me

‘Cause you see, I love you so much
I don’t want to see you leave me, baby, no no no
Most of all, most of all, most of all
I just don’t want to be free

I was just, I was just sitting there thinkin’
Baby, of your kiss and your warm embrace
When the reflection in the glass
That I been holdin’ to my lips now, honey
Revealed the tears, ah, revealed the tears I had on my face
So let me tell ya

I would rather, I would rather
Rather, rather, rather, rather, rather, rather
Lose my eyes, yeah
Than to see you, Lord, walk away from me

Baby, baby, baby, baby
Don’t ever leave me, love


Lyrics link-https://genius.com/Faces-id-rather-go-blind-live-lyrics

Video link- https://youtu.be/UAxaIReuZBc

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