Vol VI, Issue 04 – I found love (01 Apr 2021)

For the love of rock

Vol VI, Issue 4 – I found love (01 Apr 2021)


Name of song– I found love

Band – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Writer– Gary Duncan

Release year– 1971

Album – Quicksilver

 I found love

“Quicksilver Messenger Service” was conceived by singer/songwriter Dino Valenti in the mid sixties in San Francisco, USA. The group was completed with addition of his friends David Freiberg (Bass), Jim Murray (Vocals), John Cipollina (Guitar), Gary Duncan (Guitar) and drummer Greg Elmore. The group had numerous line up changes during their tenure and despite all the ups and downs, they are still continuing. Born in the arena of counter culture and harmonious psychedelia, they emerged as the main roots of the genre along with their contemporaries Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. Of course, they did not achieve the success of the latter ones, they do have a cult following and have contributed tremendously in shaping the genre and have been an enormous source of inspiration for the later rock bands.

“Quicksilver” is their sixth album released in 1977. Considered one of the better albums of the band, but not the best ones, the album did have remarkably noteworthy numbers. The lineup of Dino Valenti (Guitars, flute, vocals, percussion), Gary Duncan (Guitars, vocals), Mark Naftalin (Organ, Piano), Mark Ryan (Bass) and Greg Elmore (Drums) have contributed beautifully to create this prototype seventies album.

“I found love” is one of the highlights of the album. Written by Gary Duncan, this song definitely is a pretty, upbeat and incredibly guitar oriented song. A simple love ballad with catchy lyrics, this song would be forever be a loving teenager’s ballad. The song starts with Elmore’s catchy solo drums beat, followed by Mark Naftalin’s short piano piece and accompanying Duncan’s melodious guitar lead. As the vocals is taken on by Duncan, the song transpires beautifully into a melodious ecstasy. Meanwhile, Duncan’s solo continues alongside the entire song like a maestro guitar virtuoso. Undoubtedly, the song is just an amazingly pretty prototype San Francisco band’s one of the finest creation!

Yes, although “Quicksilver Messenger Service” have numerous noteworthy numbers to their credit, a rock fan would not have found their true gem unless they have got “I found love!!!” Happy listening!!! Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com

I found love
Been waiting here a long, long time
Pain and trouble on my mind
You came along and made me see
Oh you lifted me

Shot up everything that my money could buy
Over and over, tryin’ to find out why
I was a sinkin’ ship on a stormy sea
Oh I found love

I found love in a baby’s smile
I found love in an old man’s eye
I found love in a lover’s kiss

Ooh I found love

All my friends thought I was cryin’
Strange to see a good man going down
I gave all I had to give
You came along, taught me how to live

I want to thank you each and every day
Thank you baby, for showin’ me the way
I was a sinkin’ ship on a stormy sea
Oh I found love, love, love, I found love

I found love, love, love, I found love

I found love, love, love, I found love

I found love, love, love, I found love

I found love, love, love, I found love

I found love, love, love…………..

Lyrics link – https://genius.com/Quicksilver-messenger-service-i-found-love-lyrics

Video link – https://youtu.be/WPcRvwahk0A

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