Vol IV, Issue 17 – Rough boy (01 Sept 2019)

For the love of rock

Vol IV, Issue 17 – Rough boy (01 Sep 2019)


Name of song– Rough boy

Band – ZZ Top

Writers– Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard

Album- Afterburner

Release year– 1985

Peak chart positions

# 5 – US Billboard Album Rock Tracks

# 12 – Polish Singles Chart

# 22 – French Singles Charts

# 22 – US Billboard Hot 100

# 23 – UK Singles Chart

# 38 – Swiss Singles Chart

# 58 – Canadian RPM Top Singles


                                                 Rough boy


“ZZ Top” is a pioneer of seventies blues rock and then progressed with eighties synthesizers and music video driven flashy rock. Famous as double bearded members Billy Gibbons (Lead vocals and guitars) and Dusty Hill (Bass) and Frank Beard (Drums) without beard, they are one of the rare bands whose members have remained steady for almost half a century now. Originated from Texas USA in 1969, they have numerous hit singles and successful albums to their credit. With more than 50 million album sales worldwide, they are considered among top 100 selling artists in USA.

Their ninth album in 1985 “Afterburner” followed their most successful album “Eliminator” in 1983 and had hit singles along with it. The album spawned hit singles like “Sleeping bag”, “Velcro fly” as well as “Rough boy”.

“Rough boy” may not have been a typical ZZ Top song, but the original power ballad is considered as one of their most important contribution to rock music. This slow, guitar driven rocker is one number where they excel in their lyrics, guitar, synthesizer as well as vocals. Starting with Gibbon’s signature slow solo, the song takes shape with Beards’ drums and Hill’s bass. Relatively short lyrics, the song has two incredible solos, which drives the frenzy out of the listener. Both the solos have excellent drive and complement the lyrics so well that the listener is completely spellbound. The fading solo is pure ecstasy to the ears – one would wish it just continue forever…..

Yes, ZZ Top was a purely blues driven rock band with amazing hit songs and videos, when it comes to “Rough boy” they could not have been smoother… Happy listening!!!

Resources- Wikipedia.org, allmusic.com

Rough boy

What in the world’s come all over me?
I ain’t got a chance of one in three
Ain’t got no rap, ain’t got no line
But if you’ll give me just a minute I’ll be feeling fine

I am the one who can fade the heat
The one they all say just can’t be beat
I’ll shoot it to you straight and look you in the eye
So gimme just a minute and I’ll tell you why

I’m a rough boy, I’m a rough boy

I don’t care how you look at me
Because I’m the one and you will see
We can make it work, we can make it by
So give me one more minute and I’ll tell you why

I’m a rough boy, I’m a rough boy


Lyrics link- https://genius.com/Zz-top-rough-boy-lyrics
Video link –https://youtu.be/jOm6Fg1IAN8

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